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Excess capacity of super four, Chinese wind turbine manufacturing industry enters small profit period
      In recent years, China wind power market to maintain high growth. In 2012 June, China wind power 52580000 kilowatts, to replace the United States to become the world's first wind power.
      However, China wind power manufacturers to survive the status quo is not optimistic. Due to excess capacity, set market price glides continuously, the manufacturer's profit space gradually being compressed, the whole has entered a meager profit era.
      Profit decline
      October 10th, Hua Rui wind power 601558, SH releases announcement to say, company in 2012 1~9 month net profit will present the loss, the amount of loss is not more than 260000000 yuan. Prior to the three successive quarter, Hua Rui wind electricity net profit in the two quarter of this year declined, the profit of only 25000000 yuan, with the two quarter of last year 's 659000000 yuan cannot be mentioned in the same breath.
      The golden wind science and technology 2208, HK the two quarter of this year net profit of 72000000 yuan, only for the same period last year 425000000 yuan 1/6. Recently, Citigroup Global continuous on the golden wind science and technology to " selling" rating, citing "the domestic wind turbine manufacturing industry currently idle capacity of more than 40%, the expected high price-earnings ratio, talks about industry recovery is still too early to say. "
      Not only is the industry leading enterprises in straitened circumstances, other wind power listing Corporation day does not feel better. The first home in the United States listed China wind power machine manufacturing enterprises Mingyang wind power NYSE:MY since the third quarter of last year even reported net losses; Tang new energy 1798, HK the two quarter of this year the main profit rate for 4.99%, drop compared to the same period 85.02%; electric power 0916, HK relatively a bit better, but the main profit year-on-year still 10.05% falls
      " At present, China 1.5 MW wind machine price of about 3600~3700 yuan / kWh, for the half of peak period. " Shanghai electric wind power equipment limited company deputy general manager Liu Qi said.
      Since 2008, our country 1.5 megawatt average prices to an average 22%~23% slowed down at the end of 2010, fold reached 3900 yuan / kwh. The message shows, at present the Oriental turbine limited company lowest quotation, the 1.5 MW unit quoted price already dropped to 3200 yuan / kWh, while in Inner Mongolia a project to bid, east steam 2 MW models are reported a staggering 3650 yuan / kwh.
      United Power Technology Limited company deputy general manager Sun Lixiang says frankly, in the present market price system, fan manufacturing enterprise must rely on the scale advantage will not lose money, " the individual wind turbine manufacturer called profit, often only consider the procurement of equipment and manufacturing cost, but neglected the late service and repair work. "
      Mingyang wind power is chief operating officer Hao Yiguo thinks, overcapacity is caused by the current market competition is one of the main reasons of the irrational. " In recent years a large number of investors have flocked to wind power equipment manufacturing field, in accelerating the development of China's wind power industry at the same time, also causes the domestic wind power equipment manufacturing overcapacity problem. "
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